RTR and associted sites are on offical 'Rest and Recuperation' leave for the forseeable future.

RtR *will* be back online, in some form, someday, after we regroup and rethink.

the transition to RtR v2.0 went about as bad as could be expected, worse infact. An old rouge server (stream1.rtr.fm) from v1 was comprised by hackers which was introduced into the shiny new 8 datacentre, 5 country 3 continent wide v2 platform compromising it too (see the *footnote if your techinally inclined). We now literally have to burn everything and start again. Every line of code (thanks to github pimping), every server (thanks to off the shelf rootkits). We will be downsizing our ambitions for RtR v3, as we are now only an army of 2 and in hindsight perhaps a 12 server multinational platform was a bit ambitious for our current staff. sigh.

RtR v3 [Project RtRetro, lol] planning is underway.

Our message to the skuzzfucks that hacked us?
Let slip the dogs of war; That this foul deed shall smell above the earth not go unpunished, With carrion men, groaning for burial ;)

In the meantime, lets enjoy some old sets broadcast from RtR that have been uploaded to youtube for prosterity.